12+ AI Tools For Presentation

Updated on: January 18, 2024 | Author: Anup Chaudhari


12+ AI Tools For Presentation


Presentations are an ingenious way to share and portray your ideas or data, but creating your slide deck can be a time-intensive task. Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized technology to make the process effortless & straightforward. It is revolutionizing how individuals assemble proficient presentations, permitting you to form clean introductions in seconds. With AI, you can take your attention off trivial tasks and use it to refine your ideas and data to make an even more compelling presentation.

Numerous worthy and inferior AI presentation creators have popped up online. When searching for an AI presentation creator, you’ll want to discover something that feels instinctive and contains a user-friendly interface. You don’t need to spend hours learning how to utilize a modern computer program, and you shouldn’t require broad specialized mastery to put these instruments to work. You will also want to ensure that the AI device you choose syncs effortlessly with the rest of your tech stack. Even the most well-curated and feature-rich AI platform becomes good for nothing if you can’t pair it with your preferred applications, such as Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. You ought to seek AI-powered apparatuses that serve your own specific purpose. For example, perhaps you cherish planning slides but aren’t solid at making engaging duplicates. In that case, explore instruments that center on content generation with intelligent components so you'll be able to flex your planning skills. Or you might need an AI introduction generator that does everything, from planning design to composing duplicates. These are frequently paid instruments, but you'll be able to utilize free trials to decide your best alternatives for making introductions.


It is an imaginative AI presentation creator aiming to make engaging and attractive presentations. The tool makes savvy plan proposals through its instinctive interface and streamlines the creation handle. Your ideas can come to life in an instant with its smart & customizable templates, and don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from. Customizable formats, shrewd charts for information visualization, and analytics to track which slides get the foremost engagement from your group of onlookers are accessible.


  • Sensitive information protected by security walls & safe sharing environment
  • Insightful analytics
  • Seamless integration allows you to design slides as per your liking.


  • Limited options for templates as compared to other platforms.
  • A little expensive

Simplifide’s AI Presentation Maker

Simplified’s AI Presentation Producer guarantees to assist you in making on-brand presentations very easily and efficiently. The stage takes care of picture and content creation for any subject, and you will have the option to customize the final output. It’s as easy as telling the AI the topic of your presentation, and it will have full-blown material ready in a fraction of a second that you can change to your liking.


  • A vast visual library
  • A range of templates, even on the free plan


  • Quite expensive
  • Costly for small organizations


Slidebean is an AI presentation computer program that revolves around making a difference for founders and new business making their pitch deck. It makes a difference in rearranging the pitching preparation and guarantees that you have the correct pitch for the proper stage of company improvement. From a starting pitch deck to a deals deck showcasing presentation or a deals deck, Slidebean has got you covered in every step of the way to a great presentation.


  • Keeps your decks and ideas secure
  • Analytics track the activity of every slide in the deck
  • Easy collaboration options available


  • Clunky user interface
  • AI-generated graphics and images difficult


An AI tool that offers a full suite of AI-powered creation apparatuses to its user base. It offers AI composing help, a logo creator, a video presentation creator, and natural-sound AI voiceovers. Those trying to find assistance in planning presentations will cherish the platform’s Designmaker, which makes striking visual content in mere moments. Select from an endless library of layouts, and then give the stage your substance and let it watch out for the rest.


  • Huge library of templates and design elements
  • One-click resize feature
  • Intuitive design editor


  • Slow export of files


Pitch makes a difference in helping you make smooth presentations in a fraction of a second. Choose your format and include your content: you will soon have a wonderful deck prepared to share. The stage permits you to share an interface, share your presentation live, or indeed insert it on the internet so you'll coordinate watchers to it anytime. It has strong integration capabilities, interfacing with tech-stack favorites like Slack, Vimeo, and YouTube.


  • Great integration capabilities
  • Great presentation tools


  • Clunky slide editing features


Presentations.ai points to assisting you in decreasing presentation creation time while making strides in your general presentation plan quality. The platform uses AI innovation to create content effortlessly and offers numerous personalized plan alternatives. It allows you to share, track, and analyze the presentation with real-time updates.


  • Presentation is created in seconds from a single prompt
  • Various presentation tools and customization options are available
  • Great branding options


  • Templates are limited
  • Free users do not have access to many templates


Gamma employs normal dialect handling to assist clients in making energetic decks. Begin composing your content, and at that point, utilize the built-in AI chatbot to alter the look of your deck. When you’re happy with the deck, enter display mode and display your work in a live presentation or send it as a webpage for clients to see autonomously. It’s an adaptable, user-friendly stage that makes a difference when you lock in your gathering of people.


  • AI-assisted presentation tool available
  • Charts, videos, and websites available for better presentation
  • Instantaneous feedback on presentations from viewers


  • Not much variation in layout and design


Kroma.ai makes a difference for you in making excellent decks, whether you display them to potential speculators or get to share your thoughts and data. It’s as simple as choosing your layout, your colors, and including your logo. At that point, utilize the grab-and-go expertly produced content material to require your presentation to the following level expertly, making it more enticing and engaging with the assistance of industry pioneers.


  • Choose content from industry professionals
  • Robust data visualization tools
  • Expertly designed templates


  • Some parts of the user interface are not highly intuitive


Tome needs to be your go-to AI presentation instrument. Tell the stage what you need to do with a straightforward incite, and it'll create pictures, copy, and slides to assist you in accomplishing your goal. You can change every aspect of the generated material as per your preference while also including AI-generated imagery for an even more personalized finish. Tome can transform your ideas into a presentable and highly imaginative reality.


  • Helps find cite references supporting your claims
  • Easy language transitions
  • Easy sharing across the world
  • Excellent customizable templates


  • Some users encounter issues with the platform as it is still in the development stage.


DeckRobot could be a convenient plug-in that turns your drafts into cleaned introduction decks in seconds. It even ensures that your last deck complies with your corporate branding rules, so you keep up steady branding in everything you make. It’s an extraordinary way to diminish manual plan time, and all your information remains safely on your servers.


  • Your data stays secure
  • Takes the first draft for the presentation and converts it into the final deck
  • Allows you to design with preset corporate branding in one click


  • The plug-in feature is only for PowerPoint for other platforms, you need to opt for another AI solution


Microsoft is the founding father of business computer programs, including the broadly prevalent PowerPoint. Beyond any doubt, there are other items out there that are adapted toward businesses, but PowerPoint is the gold standard for making presentations. Did you know that it comes with AI features built right in? With the advent of the age of AI, Microsoft wasn’t going to lag behind, so they introduced AI features to arguably the best presentation platform of all time. Familiarity, usability, and now loaded with the latest and the greatest tech, it becomes a blindfold choice for anyone.


  • Rehearsal report feature is worth the cost
  • 30day risk-free trial
  • Offers consistency to each slide


  • Limits the potential impact of presentations
  • Lack of originality
  • Autosave not available
  • Overreliance on slides


Wepik is an AI-powered presentation creator that enhances the way you make presentations. With its instinctive interface and progressed AI innovation, Wepik creates visually appealing and quality presentations in a fraction of a time with ease. It’s a one-stop arrangement for planning top-notch introductions with proficient energy.


  • Personalized templates
  • Unique design creation that matches your vision
  • Allows direct integration
  • Provides access to other resources


  • The level of customization is limited


In wrapping up, the computerized age has favored us with AI introduction apparatuses that are game changers. They’re not almost about showy plans but effectiveness, collaboration, and making impactful narratives. Whether you’re a startup pitching to financial specialists, an educator pointing to charm understudies, or a commerce proficient looking to awe clients, these devices are your ticket to making reverberating presentations. So, the other time you’re entrusted with creating a presentation, keep in mind that you don’t need to do it the difficult way. Embrace the longer term and let AI be your guide.


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