23+ Best AI Tools For Students

Updated on: January 24, 2024 | Author: Anup Chaudhari


23+ Best AI Tools For Students

As we encounter a boom within the field of AI, numerous modern applications are being created each day. They extend anywhere from commerce to profoundly personal utilization, but the reasons why we utilize them are quite similar. AI has advanced to the point where it can help people with dreary errands, decrease human blunders, and hence spare operational costs and assets.

What are AI Tools?

AI instruments are software applications that unravel particular problems with the use of artificial intelligence. And by issues, I mean a wide run of errands, such as creating content, analyzing expansive datasets, or anticipating another enormous seismic tremor.

AI tools have already changed how we utilize and connect with technology (think Siri, Google Maps, or smart Netflix algorithms), and this change is only progressing to quicken shortly.

 Especially with the rise of a modern frame of manufacturing insights, also known as generative artificial intelligence, which can create interesting content that has never existed before, we are balanced to witness various valuable applications over all segments and businesses.


ChatGPT is one of the most prevalent AI tools advertised by OpenAI. It has revolutionized the industry and made AI available to everyone. With this platform, you'll create AI content, have discussions, brainstorm thoughts, illuminate some issues, and even compose codes. The nitty-gritty your content input is, the more significant the output will be created. Understudies can take advantage colossally from ChatGPT. With it, you can research, rewrite, rephrase, complete assignments, etc. Moreover, you can write, debug, and get an explanation for code in any dialect. So, in case you're a student searching for an all-rounder platform to assist you in several zones.


  • Improves accessibility to education
  • Helps with your assignments
  • Personalizes learning


  • Information is not accurate all the time.
  • Biased responses
  • Lack of Emotional Intelligence


CopyAI is an acclaimed AI-writing assistant equipped with 90+ use cases and eight content tones. It has several tools to help students. Students can create precise emails, case studies, short stories, quotes, rephrase or expand content, quiz questions, summaries, etc. What makes CopyAI unique is its long-form content generator. It can help you write high-quality content for your academic papers. Whether it's a literature review, sabbatical application, thesis, or internship report, you have the right content. The free version of CopyAI has 2,000 words per month, which is enough for students.


  • Easily understandable interface
  • Multiple content types with templates
  • Tutorials given in help centers


  • Lag issues may arise
  • Facts need to be checked
  • Sometimes, highly random content appears


It is another well-known language structure checking, editing, and altering apparatus. I'm beyond any doubt you must have utilized it for altering your archives. It performs an effective AI calculation to offer real-time proposals for enhancing and improving your language structure, spelling, composing fashion, etc. It also recognizes your written material's tone so that you can pass on your message with the right feeling. It is very precise at analyzing dialect designs, indicating mistakes, and advertising valuable recommendations for adjusting them as well.

If you're an understudy who needs to make strides in their language structure and make error-free archives for school and college entries, Grammarly is your best friend!


Both free and premium plans let you make 300 docs or 150k words/month.


  • A built-in plagiarism checker is available
  • Highlights punctuation errors


  • Does not allow offline editing.
  • Does not work with Google Docs.


Does your self-confidence change when you express your thoughts in writing? If yes, then in this case, Quillbot is the best option for you. This is the best tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform your content into polished words. In Quillbot's free plan, you have access to 23 languages ​​and 2 subtitles. You'll also have access to other tools like grammar checkers, CoWriter (writing assistant), notes, and writing generator.

But it doesn't end there. It also shows changing and unchanging words in different colors to help you learn. Check your writing style and compare it with Quillbot's corrections to improve your writing over time.


Free plans are limited to 125 words at a time.


  • Very affordable
  • Refund policy available
  • Easy to use


  • No bot to converse with you
  • No AI content detection

Google Bard

By accessing information in real time, one can get reliable details of current events and news from the internet. It even allows audio input and various export options for added convenience.

 Bard is an interactive artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google. Bard has studied 137 billion holes and has some surprising abilities. It is similar to ChatGPT and acts as your AI assistant. If you are a student, you can use it to research new information, create content in easy-to-understand language, write numbers, get explanations, and brainstorm ideas. 


  • Human-like responses
  • Specific generative potentials
  • Limited in creativity


  • Limited generative potential
  • Does not provide a source


A smart tool designed specifically for PDF. All you have to do is upload your PDF file to ChatPDF. This could be a textbook, a novel, a research paper, an academic journal, or something else.

 ChatPDF will analyze the PDF and use the information in the chat window to answer questions. Thanks to this device, students can quickly solve their problems, understand difficult concepts, and get important information from a book. 


Its free plan allows you to download and ask 3 PDFs per day. 50 questions per day.


  • Multilingual support
  • Free plan available
  • Intuitive chat interface


  • Absence of chrome extension
  • Lack of private document functionality


Upword is an AI writing and authoring tool available for free as a Chrome extension. It starts speeding up your searches by recording the web pages or YouTube videos you visit. The resulting content is short, concise, and easy to read.

Students can use this to write long lectures and articles on simple, short content to save time and be more productive. The best part is that students can create as many AI articles as they want for free.

But you can choose to access your card details with a free trial period to access other features such as automatic highlighting, audio player, editing, and more!


  • Features like content reduction, collaboration features, and various options for attaching and summarizing content are available.


  • However, it lacks real-time collaboration, may have errors in summaries, and doesn't capture context accurately, relying heavily on user input. Additionally, it does not support multiple languages, offline mode, or all file formats and lacks a mobile application.

Natural reader

Natural Reader is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to convert text into speech. All you have to do is select the AI voice and style ​​and add what you want to change in the conversation. You can import text, files, web pages, or images into the editor. You can switch to a different AI voice at any time and try different reading speeds. There's even a Chrome extension so you can easily listen to emails, e-books, blogs, Google Docs, PDFs, and more!! Surprisingly, it has a human-like voice, which makes it different.


On a free account, you can use unlimited voices and change about 500 characters per day. They also do not allow downloading audio files.


  • A new and innovative tool
  • It is easy and simple to learn.


  • Have to add the numbered pause manually.
  • Several old sounds are a bit annoying.


Mubert is an AI-powered text-to-music platform that allows you to create free music and music. First, you can create new songs or search by referring to YouTube videos. It allows you to create songs, loops, remixes, and singalongs. Then, you can enter your prompt and time or choose your favorite mood, mood, and activity. However, you can choose one option from each category at a time. Students will find it useful to create background music for presentations, videos, reports and more.


You can create 25 songs per month in the free plan.


  • Royalty-free tracks can be generated for various purposes.
  • Collaboration with artists and developers permitted for the provision of personalized audio experience.


  • Legal and ethical issues may arise.
  • The quality and suitability of the music are not guaranteed.

Doctrina AI

A tool that transforms student learning by using artificial intelligence to enhance learning. Not only can he write your article for you, but he can also create articles and questions on any topic. However, on its free plan, you can only enter text and questions. Free Notes Maker: Just enter the class name and discussion topic to create notes on any topic you choose. But a question generator please gives you good questions on any topic you want. You can set easy, medium, and hard difficulty for your questions.


  • User-friendly
  • Robust class notes features


  • The user interface can be improved
  • The free version has access to limited features.

Tutor AI

Tutor AI is a personalized mentoring service that makes a difference; each understudy learns at their own pace and fashion. Understudies basically ought to enter a topic of their choice and select a subcategory under it. Within a few seconds, you will get a complete course in-depth. As you begin with a lesson, important and informative content will be created under it. Under the lesson, you will find supportive choices like rearrangements, illustrations, tests, and inquiring questions.


  • Fosters critical thinking
  • A reliable partner in learning


  • Technical expertise is required.

Tome App

Presentations are an evergreen portion of your scholarly life. Be it school, college, or a proficient workspace, presentations play an imperative part in each stage. Tome is an instinctive way of making presentations with the control of AI. You enter a content incite for your presentation subject. It first produces a layout that you simply can edit. At that point, it produces full-fledged presentations with important content and pictures within seconds! Once the presentation is created, you'll be able to share it employing links. Sharing of PDFs is, however, not permitted. 


  • Advanced NLP algorithms
  • Easy to use


  • Limited content types
  • Limited customization


Coding can be quite tough at times, and you cannot continuously approach your instructors cannot continuously approach your instructors for all your questions. This AI tool is convenient here! AskCodi is an AI-powered coding assistant that disentangles and develops for you. It makes a difference if you create code in 50+ dialects, interpret it into a diverse language, and get code clarifications as well. You get to perform distinctive forms like coding, testing, documentation etc. But what I preferred most was its coding chatbot. It lets you type in your inquiry in conversational dialect and get code for it within a few seconds.


  • Saves time and effort
  • Helps learn the new syntax
  • Improves code quality


  • It can be slow at giving responses at times.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Hocoos AI 

Need to construct an online site for your blog or college project? Hocoos AI Site Builder can assist you in setting it up in no time. This incorporates things like site category, administrations, reason, address, USPs, etc. It will create 3 demo site styles on the input you provide. It produces a lovely site for you after you decide on the layout, font style, size, etc. It is prepared with the relevant content, plans, and images as per your input. You'll be able to utilize the AI writer to alter the if you wish.


  • It is easy to use
  • Works really fast.


  • The free version offers limited customization
  • Lack of advanced coding options


If you are preparing for an interview, A well-designed resume can assist you in leaving a mark! To get started, you first need to reply to many questions via chat, like your title, position, etc. Then, you'll select a layout from their library of 35+ resume templates. Kickresume highlights an AI Writer who assists you in revamping your profile segment in a proficient dialect and tone.


  • Automated templates provided
  • Offers proofreading and grammar-checking tools


  • Limited access to the free version
  • Kills our creativity with pre-written content.


On the off chance that you wish for some one-of-a-kind and catchy pictures for your ventures, see no further than Bing AI Image Creator. You just have to describe the image you need in normal language. It'll produce a grid of 4 pictures that you just can download, share, or alter. It's the most effortless AI art generator ever! With Bing, understudies can offer assistance in making reasonable pictures for their assignments, presentations, posters, imaginative ventures, infographics, etc.


  • Provides image search engine
  • Offer us better-quality data


  • Higher load times than Google
  • Worse mapping system


A student's life can be confusing and lonely at times. During such a period, you need someone to direct you through the difficult times. Here's when Replika comes in helpful! It's an individual AI chatbot that can carry locks in and reasonable discussions. Its capacity to keep in mind points of interest from your reactions makes it unique. You begin by selecting an avatar and indicating many of your interfaces. Based on that, your Replika can have curious discussions with you. Each time you share an unused detail, it stores it in the Memory Bank for assistance reference. 


  • Self-reflection or conversation available
  • Convenient and accessible


  • Potential for misuse or abuse
  • Ethical concerns 


This AI tool offers a transforming way to create presentations. It offers a vast library of templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. So, when it comes to choosing and making your presentation the best, you will have a plethora of options. The designs, layouts, and color schemes offered by Slidesgo are visually appealing and make your presentations look less monotonous. If you are not sure about the theme of your presentation, this AI tool will suggest the theme based on the content that you have chosen.


  • Has templates for a variety of themes
  • Customizable templates
  • AI-generated presentations
  • Freepik integration


  • The subscription and pricing model is not streamlined.

Stepwise Math: Personalized Learning for Mathematical Mastery

Are you battling with arithmetic and finding it a little tough to grasp the concepts? Stepwise Math is a remarkable tool that has been outlined particularly for understudies confronting such challenges.

 This progressed tool uses insights to distinguish ranges where you are experiencing troubles and guides you through each step of problem-solving. Its effective AI capabilities empower it to handle both basic and profoundly complex scientific issues, counting calculus, integrative, and differential equations.

Stepwise Math makes a customized course custom-fitted to your needs, allowing you to memorize according to your own pace. In addition, it also generates assignments and worksheets.


  • Step-wise problem solving
  • The solution to every problem anytime and anywhere


A few years ago, students looked for imaginative pictures to include in their ventures, which was quite a time-consuming and monotonous task to do. Presently, with the launch of Canva, you will be able to make your images that are unique and engaging to assist you in picking up great grades. You'll be able to utilize this at no cost. A certain highlight of Canva is that it is also accessible after a paid membership.


  • Non-designer can become a designer using Canva
  • User-friendly


  • Limitation on the number of templates
  • Alignment concerns


With Synthesia, the AI instructing assistant, students can enhance their minds to coordinate their needs at any time. 

As an IU understudy, you will be able to use the benefits of state-of-the-art mechanical progressions before everybody else, so you'll not only learn better but also be more prepared for working with AI devices in the future in any career you select.


  • Engaging customer service.
  • Easy-to-learn user interface
  • Plentiful, high-quality learning material
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Continue to invest in AI
  • Useless support
  • The videos are not great


In case you're searching for artificial intelligence tools with upgraded data, ChatSonic is your extreme alternative. The conversational AI tool genuinely rectifies information about later happenings by offering assistance from Google's information network. Since it was created above GPT3, the potential of ChatSonic is colossally broad.

ChatSonic overcomes the restrictions of up to 2021 inputs by using natural dialect handling and machine learning. ChatSonic removes the need to type your prompts manually because you'll be able to deliver voice commands. At the end of the discussion, you'll be able to send it as a Word or PDF document.


  • Text generation is easy
  • Voice command and translation are available


  • Word limit issues
  • Lack of knowledge


Created by Google, LaMDA comes with 137 billion parameters. It has been progressive within the field of Natural Language Processing. LaMDA is fine-tuned on the premise of security, quality, and groundedness.

The AI text generator may be an exchange framework from OpenAI. In this manner, the tool can generate coherent, relevant, and characteristic reactions. It is one of the most excellent ChatGPT choices due to its capacity to reply to follow-up questions.


  • superior understanding of text
  • fluent and accurate


  • Not trained on web documents.


For different work purposes, be it the completion of assignments like content generation or dialect learning, these AI tools, or we may call them our companions, not only make our lives simpler but enhance our creative minds and empower thinking.  We have done our best to make a difference so that you learn a bit more about AI devices. Start progressing on these devices and be a significant part of the AI insurgency nowadays! Since the introduction of ChatGPT, one of the leading AI tools, in November 2022, artificial intelligence has been making waves within the education sector, including in online education.

Machine learning calculations are becoming persistently more advanced, enabling AI frameworks to supply personalized learning encounters, analyze complex data, and robotize dreary tasks.

Along with the assistance of characteristic dialect handling, AI offers assistance to understudies and instructors with every task, from progressing their composing aptitude to learning arithmetic and coding. The tools listed above were some of the AI tools beneficial for students.  If you are wondering which AI tool is the best, well, that question cannot be answered with a single name, as every tool has its features and highlights. You can choose the tool according to your purpose.


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