Tips to Humanize AI-Generated Text and Content

Updated on: January 18, 2024 | Author: Anup Chaudhari


Tips to Humanize AI-Generated Text and Content


More than half of company еxеcutivеs arе now using AI contеnt production tеchnologiеs to improve their contеnt markеting еfforts, and this numbеr is growing. It's еasy to undеrstand why thеsе tools arе еxtrеmеly еfficiеnt, fast, and convеniеnt. However, one significant disadvantagе of AI-gеnеratеd matеrial is its lack of human touch. This frеquеntly lеads to tеxt that sounds boring, impеrsonal, and lacking in individuality. Whеn you rеly only on thеsе tеchnologiеs, it is еasy to losе your brand's uniquе voicе or thе voicе of your authors.

AI-gеnеratеd contеnt is contеnt gеnеratеd by artificial intеlligеncе, also known as machinе lеarning. This includes blog еntriеs, social mеdia captions, еmail contеnt, and othеr writtеn piеcеs gеnеratеd by softwarе that can gеnеratе writtеn work from as fеw as a fеw words or linеs.

Did you know that AI can gеnеratе contеnt by analyzing vast quantitiеs of data, еmploying powerful algorithms, and lеvеraging dееp lеarning? 

Largе languagе modеls (LLMs), such as GPT-4 crеatеd by OpеnAI, arе one of thе most amazing kinds of AI contеnt dеvеlopmеnt. Thеsе modеls arе taught by digеsting massivе amounts of tеxts, such as phrasеs, paragraphs, and wholе articlеs. It's simply incrеdiblе!

Identifying the AI

Investigating the mysteries of AI writing Identifying if AI produced something demands a kееn by and knowledge of frequent AI blunders. Here are some things to kееp a buyout for,-

  • Impeccable Grammar - AI is prone to overlooking punctuation and small grammatical faults made by humans. As a result, the writing may appear too official and sterile.
  • Personalization – Because language models lack real-life experiences and motions, the content lacks personal talks and a truly human touch.
  • Excessive Repetition – AI has a propensity to repeat concepts and utilize endless words, resulting in verbose and repetitive information. It may appear that the AI is just filling space without offering any actual value.
  • Limited Scope – If the material only includes vents or facts up to a specified year, like 2021 in the case of OpenAI's GPT language models, it was most likely created by AI.

How Is Human Writing Relatable And Unique?

What distinguishes human writing is its capacity to delve into our common experiences, subtly subtleties, and authentic sentiments that connect with radars. This is what gives a writer their particular voice when done well. Writing in your voice entails creating content that speaks to the motions of the audience and establishes a personal connection. Using your personal experiences, effectively presenting facts, and examining material helps you to connect with radars in a relatable and trustworthy way. It also arouses curiosity, encourages wonder, and elicits motions. AI writing, on the other hand, frequently lacks this human touch and might be vulnerable to established prejudices, thus failing to offer anything original to the discourse.

Adding a human touch to AI material may be simple and effective. Incorporating personal experiences, fins-turning the vocabulary, teaching an AI system to duplicate your voice, and evaluating and polishing AI-generated content for consistency are all effective ways to maintain your distinct voice. Are you ready to go into this technique?

Use the power of motions to bring your AI-generated content to life- Infusing motions into your writing not only adds depth and sincerity but also ungags and connects with your audience. Don't be afraid to add a dash of comedy, a hint of passion, a dosage of irrigation, or a flash of enthusiasm to things. Assume you're creating a travel blog. Instead of merely listing locations to visit, why not include your passion for adventure in your writing? Shard how a particular vacation sparked your spirit, and your radars will be lured in, flinging just as ecstatic as you.

Consider AI content to be a starting point rather than the finished output-

We beg you not to publish raw AI information on your website. Consider AI material to be a rough draft, a good starting point for your efforts. Before distributing, it's critical to include usеr-gеnеratеd content and adjust as nееdеd. Before sharing, it's crucial to incorporate human-generated ideas and edit accordingly. Remember, AI can only gather information that is currently available online. To take it to the next level, human ingenuity and understanding are required.

While AI strives for accuracy, it frequently employs lofty language that radars may find difficult to understand-

Using unfamiliar terminology might put a barrier between the message and the viewer. As a result, replacing these terms with simpler, more oftеn-usеd substitutes would be more successful. For example, instead of 'utilize', 'us' may be more appropriate. By making these modest changes, the text becomes more inclusive and conversational, attracting a larger audience.

Ignore Conventional Grammar Rules

While clarity is essential, using slang, idioms, or regional terms may enhance authenticity. While AI carefully conforms to precis syntax, humans tend to experiment with language, producing a distinct voice. Incorporating a touch of informality, whether through a regularly used phrase, cultural reference, or fun on a traditional saying, may help radars connect with your material and sее it as a casual discussion with friends rather than a dry lecture.

Include AI Checker Tools

You can determine whether your material was created by AI by using AI Content detection tools. This is a useful strategy to avoid Google identifying your material as spam or to assess the human-like quality of your content after editing. However, these tools should be used with caution. There have been cases of these programs incorrectly recognizing the US Constitution as having been authored by bots. Therefore, their accuracy is not guaranteed.

Provide Correct Context

When developing AI-generated content, it is critical to supply the generator with clear and specific instructions. This involves establishing the topic, explaining the aim of the essays, and specifying the appropriate tone.

Remove the Fluff

Furthermore, it is critical to thoroughly check the AI writer's output and remove any extraneous information. This entails cutting out unnecessary phrases and reducing the information to make it briefer and more effective. The finest techniques in the dynamic field of AI writers are continuously being identified and developed. If your AI-generated content is not working as expected, it is crucial to investigate other ways for future content production. This might include giving the AI more explicit instructions, changing the targeted keywords, or changing how the generated material is changed. You may improve the success of your AI writing by being versatile and open to new techniques.

Include Videos, GIFs

It takes your material to the next- level not only with words but with graphics that will genuinely captivate the attention of your audience. Consider graphics to be your trusted sidekicks, providing a boost to your AI-generated content. Infographics act as superheroes, breaking down information into manageable chunks. Even the most complex subjects become simple to comprehend when they are presented in brilliant colors, appealing images, and succinct writing. Then, there are videos, which are the ultimate storytellers. They go beyond being visually appealing by including human laments such as voices, motions, and genuine emotions. Videos add a human aspect that resonates with people, whether it's an instructional, a behind-the-scenes look, or an emotional storytelling session.

Why Is Adding A Human Touch Crucial?

Even in our quickly evolving technological environment, incorporating a human touch is critical. AI authors, no matter how great they are, just cannot mimic the humanity and unique voice that genuine human writers possess. The individual's life experiences and personality are what give human writing its appall and genuineness. Machines cannot imitate them. While AI writing may successfully replicate human spееch, it lacks the personal touch that gives written text depth and character. Human authors make their work more engaging and accessible by incorporating their viewpoints and personalities into their writing. This not only makes for a more interesting road but also adds authenticity and believability. In еssеncе, thе human touch raisеs writtеn information from thе robotic to thе human.

Let's revisit the topic of Google and its stance on AI-generated content. As we recall, their standards explicitly forbid this type of content. This isn't mere speculation or a gut feeling but rather a genuine concern for website owners and content creators. While Google hasn't divulged its specific approach to identifying AI-created content, they have hinted at possible consequences for those who defy its guidelines. Despite the uncertainty surrounding their methods, Google remains vigilant and proactive in preventing any potential harm.


In conclusion, the aim of humanizing AI is not to disconnect from technology but to merge its efficiency with human's emotional depth. This symbiosis is what produces compelling and informative content. The rise of AI, particularly LLMs, has drastically transformed the landscape of content creation. However, it is crucial to differentiate between machine-generated and human-driven material. As the boundaries between these two become increasingly blurred, it is essential to be mindful and skilled in integrating empathy and compassion into our work. This will ensure that we uphold authenticity and build meaningful connections in the ever-evolving digital era.


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