Why AI-Generated Content/Data Still Needs The Human Touch

Updated on: January 25, 2024 | Author: Anup Chaudhari


Why AI-Generated Content/Data Still Needs The Human Touch


Science and technology have evolved significantly over many decades, bringing advancements to existing trends and introducing new technologies that simplify human life. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling machines to emulate human thinking and produce required data through algorithmic analysis.

Any AI system operates by processing a substantial amount of labeled training data, scrutinizing it for correlations and patterns, and employing these patterns to predict future states.

Need for Human Assistance in AI Technologies

While AI technologies enhance efficiency and reduce the time required for human tasks, complete reliance on AI-produced data and work is not feasible. This is due to the following shortcomings that require correction by humans:

AI-generated data is not always error-free.

Despite the advanced and efficient nature of AI technologies, errors may still occur in the generated data. To ensure accuracy, it is crucial for humans to verify the data.

AI cannot create long-form content.

AI-produced data is typically short and lacks comprehensive information. Long-form content requires human input to meet specific requirements.

Lack of Uniqueness and Creativity in AI-Generated Works.

AI-generated content lacks uniqueness and creativity, producing similar results for the same task. Human intervention is necessary to inject creativity and uniqueness into AI-generated work.

To Check the Facts.

While AI-generated data is efficient, it may not always understand user commands, leading to deviations from the original topics. Verification of facts and figures produced by AI tools is essential.

To Make it Personal and Unique.

AI-generated data is machine-based and lacks a personal touch. Humans need to add keywords and phrases to align the content with the desired style and tone.

To Remove Repetition in the Data.

AI data generators may repeat certain facts, phrases, or sentences. Human oversight is required to eliminate repetition.

Lack of Ethics and Bias Concerns in the Generated Data.

AI-generated data lacks consideration for human feelings and ethics, risking the inclusion of discriminatory or prejudiced content. Human involvement is necessary to address ethical concerns.

Incapability to Work on Their Own.

AI machines in various industries require human guidance. For instance, health-related AI may diagnose but lacks the ability to cure without human intervention. Similarly, industrial robots require human commands to function.


In conclusion, AI is an emerging technology that enhances human efficiency but cannot be completely relied upon for all tasks. AI-generated data has shortcomings, including a lack of uniqueness, creativity, ethical considerations, and an inability to work independently. Human assistance is crucial to address these shortcomings and ensure optimal outcomes from AI technologies. Therefore, a human touch is necessary to produce efficient and accurate work in conjunction with existing AI capabilities.


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